Why Do People Buy Replica Oakleys?

Why Do People Buy Replica Oakleys?

cheap fake oakleysMost sunglasses manufacturers set the prices very high. This includes Oakley. High prices on such small items will create a demand for cheaper, replica models. The best cheap replica oakley sunglasses Oakleys are similar to the originals and are made of similar materials. However, since they are replicas many times the quality lacks as compared to the original version. Since fake Oakleys are affordable they come with a few things to consider:

-Inferior quality of material -Substandard designing of the frames -Fake claims, like photo-chromatic ability etc.

These are the factors that enable replica manufacturers to sell their products at discounts. Their prime concern is to maintain the same look as the original and make profits. There is no guarantee of getting any other of the benefits that the originals provide.

Another factor for the economical price is that fake Oakley manufacturers save lots of money on research. They simply pick up original Oakleys, gather some information of the originals from the websites and produce a replica. The amount of money saved on research is so huge that the best quality replicas may come very close to the original, in appearance as well as in quality! Sunglasses are sold at discount stores and dollar shops, and the cheapest of them by street-side vendors too. It is quite obvious that they carry no guarantee or warranty cards, and they often come without any proof of purchase. The buyers are fully aware that they are picking up a knockoff Oakleys that is uncertified and unreliable.

Most buyers of "Joakleys" are students or people who lose their glasses frequently and simply cant justify the high price tag. They want to keep the costs low yet maintain the fashionable image that the Oakley style can provide.

More often than not the sales of replicas will cut into the sales of the original brands. It can be damaging if people do not know that they are getting fakes and the fakes turn out to be lemons.

But since the consumer who is willing to buy replicas will probably not buy the original anyway, many would argue that that there is no harm done by selling replicas.

Most will be very happy when they purchase their replics since they just saved a lot of money. But you must be aware that you may not be getting the protection you need and the quality simply just may be lacking. It is best to search for the right place to find your best pair.

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